What a tournament! The girls came home from Newport News triumphant, winning the championship. We are so proud of both teams who played their hearts out. The boys especially had it hard this tournament because there were only 5 of them! But they showed great sportsmanship and their perseverance earned them a spot in the finals. Awesome job to both teams!   We are getting really excited for our tournament, January 27 & 28. Six churches will be coming for a fun weekend of basketball, dancing and fellowship. It's going to be great! Thank you to everyone who bought an ad in our Annual Ad Book to support our teams. We'll make you proud!  If you go upstairs in the Sunday School big hall you'll see a new addition. We got together over Christmas Break to celebrate, renew friendships, and to make a mural of our favorite names for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Check it out next time you are upstairs


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April 5th - 7th.  Registration is $75 per GOYAn

Register online at: https://forms.gle/deaTe6gGNVJ4G1eg6


Camp Good Shepherd

Week 1: July 7-13 (Completed 5th - 8th Grade)

Week 2: July 14 - 20 (Completed 9th - 12th Grade)

Registration Fee: $500

Register at: http://app.campdoc.com/register/cgsn


Our 2023-24 Executive Board:

Senior Officers

Kiki Spears

Nikos Loucas

Lambrini Phillos     

Symeon Moss 


Theodore Rubis

Fofie Pappas

Vasiliki Sotos

Irene Capparuccini

Kyranna Stratiou

Our Parent Advisors:

Costa Cavanos           Nick & Danielle Kougoulis

Krista Loucas              Mia Spears