Parish Council

Parish Council members are elected to assist the Priest in serving and ministering to God’s People. They bring a wealth of knowledge, gifts, and talents that Father Nick utilizes for the purpose and mission of the Church. If you have interest or questions in serving on Parish Council, please contact as soon as possible. We will present a slate of officers in November.

Parish Council Monthly Meeting Highlights, click here

Parish Council Monthly Meeting Minutes, click here

2021 Parish Council members:

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Bacalis, Priest

Angelo Phillos, President

Scott Stolte, Vice President

Zach Matzanias, Treasurer

Steve Julias, Assistant Treasurer

Dave Meyers, Secretary

John Ashikis

Andrea Junes Baker

Maria Bartz

Al Chavez

Lambros Deligan

Lawrence "Lex" Dunn

George Kokorelis

Lindsey Pantele

Pam Saunders

Ted Theofanos