Parish Council

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     2023 Greek Festival Cooking Schedule

Mark Your Calendars

This is a quick reminder of the upcoming Festival preparations.  We NEED YOUR HELP!  Unsure of what to do, when and where?  A Festival Committee member can help you. 

MOUSSAKA – Our second prep weekend

We will be preparing MOUSSAKA beginning at 12:00 PM on Thursday, April 27th for eggplant and meat preparation and then continuing on Friday and Saturday, April 28th and April 29th – approximately 150 pans each day.

Kitchen cooking begins at 8:00 AM and pan assembly begins at 9:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.  We need help in cooking, pan preparation, loading of the product into the freezer, and facility clean up afterwards.  Lunch will be provided on both days and a good turnout will speed up our process.

2023 Parish Council members:

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Bacalis, Priest

Angelo Phillos

Scott Stolte

Steve Julias

John Ashikis

Christina Aquilina

Andrea Junes Baker

Maria Bartz

Athena Conte

Lawrence "Lex" Dunn

Zack Matzanias

Mike Pantele

Pam Saunders

Frank Sotos

Maria Tarasidis

Ted Theofanos