From the Loft – Come One, Come All!   

The Choir practices every Wednesday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.    

National Church Music Sunday was observed, nationally, on Sunday, October 1st.  We want to take this time to thank our dedicated psalti, under the guidance of John Bletsos, and our choir members, under the directorship of Sondra Awad, for filling our church with beautiful  and melodious Byzantine song and chant throughout the year.  We are very fortunate to have such a thriving music program and always welcome new members.  Please contact Sondra Awad (, if you would like more information or wish to join. 

Congratulations to Sondra Awad!  The National Forum, along with the Archdiocese, presented her with the distinctive award for serving as a choir director in a Greek Orthodox parish for over 25 years!  Kudos!!