Makaria Ministry

Makaria Ministry

Makaria Committee. These are the volunteers at our Cathedral who arrange with our priest for the Blessing of a meal, or Mercy Meal, for the bereaved. The Makaria Committee not only fulfills all the tasks involved in arranging for the Mercy Meal.  The Makaria provides dignity and comfort to grieving individuals and families in our community. We want them to feel and know they are remembered and valued at the crucial time of their loved one’s passing from this earthly life.

This is the first meal gathering; therefore, its importance is unparalleled.

We want the Makaria to be special for those who seek our help. Makaria volunteers arrange the Mercy Meal as a spiritually satisfying gathering experience of fellowship. We offer this as respectful for the blessed memory of their loved ones; and, for the families and guests who have attended the funeral, the Makaria ushers in a welcomed first release from grieving hearts. We acknowledge that every family and everyone in that family bereaves in their own way; we take special care to make sure everyone at the Makaria feels special and loved with the knowledge they are not alone.

At Great Lent, the Makaria Committee is happy to announce our new aprons.  Our preparation aprons for the meal are white, and our serving aprons are special embroidered ones with the Cross to symbolize faith in our Merciful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you to the following for their donations of the aprons: Vic Routsis and Carolyn Loupassi donated aprons and Linda Tsironis Caruthers had the serving aprons embroidered.

We thank the entire Makaria Committee for their service. If you are interested in joining the Makaria Committee, please contact Linda Tsironis Caruthers at or the Cathedral office.