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COVID-19 Information

 Procedures for Sunday Worship

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Updated Policies Regarding COVID-19
Almost one year ago, Saints Constantine and Helen reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown with health and safety restrictions mandated by our Governor’s office and our church hierarchy. Since that time we have implemented procedures and policies that comply with these restrictions, thus providing a safe worship environment for our congregation. Throughout the year, these restrictions have been modified and we continued to stay fluid to adhere to these policies in order to protect the health and safety of our staff and our parishioners.
As of August 5th, based on newly updated guidance, these are the updated COVID-19 policies and procedures we shall follow, subject to change as circumstances may dictate:

Masks Update – In compliance with the recent changes of CDC recommendations (July 27, 2021), and to ensure the safety of our parishioners, clergy, and staff, we ask all parishioners attending liturgy and when inside the Cathedral facilities to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Coffee Hour - Is suspended until further notice.

Capacity – In accordance with the same Archdiocese directive: “No capacity restrictions at houses of worship and effective June 15th, there will be no capacity restrictions on any indoor gatherings.”
Registration is no longer required for any services.
Proof of Vaccination – There will be no inquiry regarding if members have been vaccinated.
Reserved Area – For our parishioners who prefer to continue social distancing, there will be a reserved area. Please inquire from an usher in the narthex.
Sanitizer and Masks will still be available.
Veneration of Icons will be left to the discretion of the worshipper.
Live Streaming of the services will continue.
Liturgy Books and Bibles will be returned into the pew racks.
Holy Communion, Antidoron Distribution, Arrival and Exiting the Sanctuary will return to the pre-covid manner.
We thank you for your compliance over these many months and for your patience as we work our way back to normalcy.

In Christ,
Father Nicholas Bacalis, the Covid Re-Opening Task Force, and the Parish Council