We are excited to be back to our GOYA events this Fall! If you are between 7th and 12th grades, we would love to see you!

GOYA Calendar of Events - October & November

October 2  First executive board meeting after church (Olympia, Abby, Christos, Nikolas, Elias, Kiki, and Lambrini) NO PRACTICE

October 9  4 P.M. girls practice, 5 P.M. boys practice 

October 15  Saturday pumpkin picking Ashland. Loucas Family to host after picking to decorate, have pizza, and a movie on the deck. 

November 6  Exec. board meeting after church (Olympia, Abby, Christos, Nikolas, Elias, Kiki, and Lambrini) 4PM girls practice, 5PM boys practice 

November 12 & 13  Norfolk Tournament 

November 20  Friendsgiving Potluck- NO PRACTICE

*Please mark your calendars for Saints Constantine & Helen GOYA Tournament January 21-22, 2023 in Richmond, VA.   We are excited to be back hosting our GOYA tournament for the first time since January 2020!

If you have any questions please reach out to any of the Executive Board or Parent Advisors:

Our 2022-23 Executive Board:

Abby Dunn              Elias Sotos

Nikolas Chupp         Kiki Spears

Lambrini Phillos        Olympia Theofanos

Christos Rubis

Our Parent Advisors:

Costa Cavanos           Anastasia Seevers

Krista Loucas             Mia Spears