G.O.Y.A. Gives Back to the Community

Despite the rain and the heat, the GOYAns were able to weed and clear 10 overgrown garden beds at Lois Harrison Jones Elementary School (formerly John B. Cary.) They worked really hard but still had time for fun and fellowship as they shared lunch. Thanks to their help and ongoing support, the community garden was able to continue donating vegetables weekly to the 6th Baptist Mission. Even though it was hot and humid they never complained and got the job done. Bravo!

 Some of the GOYAns got together on a rainy afternoon to enjoy some gyros and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. OPA!




This group of GOYAns were able to come out and make dinner for the Reinhart House residents.          


Our 2023-24 Executive Board:

Senior Officers

Kiki Spears

Nikos Loucas

Lambrini Phillos     

Symeon Moss 


Theodore Rubis

Fofie Pappas

Vasiliki Sotos

Irene Capparuccini

Kyranna Stratiou

Our Parent Advisors:

Costa Cavanos           Nick & Danielle Kougoulis

Krista Loucas              Mia Spears