Giving back to the community, being the philanthropic arm of the church and helping those in need.  That is what Philoptochos should aim to achieve.  I am inviting you to come with us on our journey. We successfully hosted Torch and Leisure group last month. I extend a great big thank you to Dianna Gettas and her committee for chairing Torch and to Maria Tarasidis, Athena Agapis and their committee for chairing Leisure, which I’m happy to say was very well attended.  Both groups look forward to gathering and enjoying good food and fellowship monthly.  I greatly appreciated everyone who is able to help with these two undertakings.

At our last meeting, Maria Tarasidis did a wonderful job enlightening us on The Holy Unmercenary Saint Hermione and the St. Hermione Home for Women Without a Home that is being built in Charlotte, North Carolina.  You can read about her life and the home and how to donate to this cause at  At the February meeting, our Philoptochos chapter has decided to give a donation of $300 for this inspiring  ministry.

Two of our members, Maria Tarasidis and Lena Ziu, arranged a very nice day trip to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.  Those who attended enjoyed the time together, reminiscent of the trips that Mary Pappas, of blessed memory, used to put together.  The tour was enlightening and the evening culminated with dinner at Eleni’s Taverna where we enjoyed authentic Greek fare.  Thank you, ladies!

We supported the efforts of the Metropolis and IOCC and sent $250 to help with the devastating earthquakes that took place in Turkey and Syria.  In addition, we have pledged $2000 towards the Ionian Village scholarships as it is exciting that six of our parishioners will be attending this summer.

It appears that the Philoptochos Mini-Festival may be back in November!  I call on you all to step up and join us for this well-anticipated event.  We plan on having another dance next year, but instead of a Homecoming Dance in October, we are thinking of an Apokriatiko or Mardi Gras-themed dance in February.  

This is election year and we are looking for members to serve on the Philoptochos Board for a two-year term.  Please consider serving as we are always welcoming fresh ideas and would love to have you.

We were saddened to learn that one of our long-time members, Sandy Milaios, passed away and we send our prayers to her family. May her memory be eternal.  Please refer to the Cathedral Calendar for dates of upcoming events.




The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, is the duly accredited women's philanthropic society of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The mission of the Society shall be:

■To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, the handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church through fund raising efforts; and

■To promote the charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, through instructional programs, presentations, lectures, seminars and other educational resources.

■To preserve and perpetuate Orthodox Christian concepts and the Orthodox Christian Family, and through them, to promote the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditions, in accordance with its doctrines, canons, discipline, divine worship, usages and customs.

■To promote participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox community, with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council.

The charitable work of the Society shall be performed with discretion, courtesy and kindness.

Philoptochos 2022-2023 Board:

Barbara Bambacus - President
Daphne Tsimpris - 1st Vice President
Pam Saunders - 2nd Vice President
Jackie Harmon - Recording Secretary
Dianna Gettas - Corresponding Secretary
Anita Deligan - Treasurer
Irene Calos - Assistant Treasurer
Athena Agapis
Andrea Junes Baker
Carolyn Loupassi