Pan Arcadian Federation

A group represented by Richmond residents whose ancestry can be traced to the Arcadian region of Greece.
History of the Federation:
Our members are dedicated to promoting the principles of Democracy and the ideas of Hellenism, the preservation of the Greek language and Orthodox Church, and the support of Arcadian & Arcadian-American philanthropic & educational institutions.  Initially registered in the state of New York in 1931, the Pan Arcadian Federation of America was formed to help consolidate all the various nationwide Arcadian village clubs.
History of the Chapter:
In 1951, seventeen friends and relatives got together to establish Issari Chapter #112. Most Charter Members were from Arcadia, Greece, but others originated from other parts of Greece and also Turkey. They all came together with the same goals and inspirations. Over time the Chapter gave many scholarships to needy individuals and also a substantial donation toward the renovation of our Carhedral. We hope to continue with the same inspiration as our fore-fathers to the betterment of society, our Church, and also as Christians.
We meet:
Last Sunday of every month after church in conference room #203