Super Bowl BBQ Pack, Order by February 11.  For details, click here; To Order, click here

February 6th - 20th - AHEPA/DOP Food Drive

AHEPA Minute – January 2022

I hope you all enjoyed a good Christmas season!

We had a face-to-face dinner–meeting on December 9 at the Dombalis Hall. We cooked and the Board served the brothers. We enjoyed each other’s company catching up and preparing to celebrate Christmas while viewing aerial Greece and listening to Christmas music – see photo below. Thank you all for helping to prepare and serve, and for attending!  We kept the business meeting short with key highlights, our upcoming fundraisers open to the community:

BBQ Pack on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13, 2022

Wine tasting with appetizers on Friday February 25, 2022, at 7PM. This is a fundraiser for our annual scholarships open to the community. Save the date and plan to attend. We’ll have a lot of fun!

Visit our own AHEPA website: http://www.district3ahepa.com/mydistrict/83 to see our history, photos, and presentations!

Best wishes for a New Year filled with good health and joy!

The Richmond, VA District 3 chapters of Daughters of Penelope (Antiklea #68) and A.H.E.P.A. chapter #83 are teaming up to sponsor a special canned food drive called “A Gift from the Heart”. The first Sunday in February 2022 is February 6, the official kickoff of the food drive. It will conclude on the third Sunday, February 20th.  These three pre-Lenten weeks will be involve giving heart-healthy canned foods to the Chesterfield Food Bank in recognition of American Heart Association Month. Locations of bins for the food drive will be in the hallways opposite the Andre Room and in designated classrooms. We thank all Cathedral organizations and parishioners in advance for contributing from your hearts during the February heart-healthy food drive.

John Bletsos, President, Richmond Chapter #83

A nationally affiliated organization whose purpose is to promote and retain the values of Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family and Individual Excellence. The organization is comprised of men in our congregation who meet monthly and provide support to our community through fellowship scholarships and other social activities.