Fellow parishioners, as we begin the new church year and strive to get back to a more “normal” Sunday routine after liturgy, the Cathedral bookstore will be open on most Sundays in the Andre Room.  The bookstore contains a variety of books, pamphlets, prayer ropes, incense, sensors, and various other items to assist us in practicing our Orthodox faith.  Please stop by for a look at newly added items as well as other popular selections.  

If you are looking for a fall “read” to work on maintaining or enriching your spiritual life, that that of your child, please consider the material that the bookstore has to offer.   Below is just a sampling of books that are available.  Do you not see what you are looking for?  If that is the case feel free to make your request and we will be glad to order for you if needed.

For a list of available books, Click Here

If you have any questions please contact Greg Conte at or (804)399-2661.