GOYA is our middle school and high school youth program and is facilitated by elected officers and mentored by a parent advisory panel as well as our Youth Director, Dean Tiggas.  You may contact Dean Tiggas with any questions at tiggasd@vagocathedral.org.


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GOYA Code of Conduct

GOYA Travel Guidelines

Release of Liability

2018 Uniform Agreement

GOYA Basketball: 

Girls start time is 5:00pm (changed from 4:30)

Boys B start time is 6:00pm and Boys A start time is 7:00pm

Baklava Fundraiser Sunday, December 9th, following liturgy

Regional GOYA Christmas Lock In - December 8th & 9th

Dinner with Dean (11th/12th grade) - December 11th at 6:30pm

Glory Days restaurant at Short Pump

GOYA Parents Meeting, Sunday, December 16th at 5:00pm

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship Recipents:

Tessa Guinn - Norton (Teaching)
Margarita Ekaterini Demetriadis - Daughters of Penelope
George Richard Vithoulkas - Creten
Peter Victor Gregory King - Dombalis (Va. Colleges)
Andrew Asselanis - AHEPA
Demitra Elena Chavez - Rubis (Medical)
Joseph Christian Chavez - Dimitriou (Music)
John Vithoulkas - Philoptochos
Panayiotis Michael Fotopoulos - AHEPA
Stamos Samuel Loucas - AHEPA
Dimitri Georgiadis - Null (Athletics)
Ethan Hawkins - Philoptochos

GOYA Officers 2018/19

President: Nikos Mouris 
Vice Presidents: Katerina Moss, Ero Spears
Treasurer: Mercer Reed 
Corresponding Secretary: Anastasia Roubis  
Social Coordinator: Dori Mouris